The correct job definition reduces the risk of assessing for the wrong skills and setting up a new hire to fail.

Contribution to Organization’s Mission

Every job in an organization serves to further its goals and missions. Therefore, the required outcomes and results should be measurable and well-understood.

Choosing a Job Title

Be specific by incorporating keywords that appropriately define the role in your job titles because they will be more effective than generic ones. In fact, according to a 2020 Indeed survey, 36% of job seekers who use job sites searched for a job using the job’s title.

Avoid using internal jargon that could confuse a candidate. Instead of using phrases like “IV” or other terms that people are less likely to search for, stick with the standard experience levels like “Senior.”

Foundations of Successful Hiring

Before a candidate can get an offer, multiple candidates must get evaluated. How can you be sure that your assessment identifies the candidate with the competencies required to succeed in your organization?