Privacy Policy - Third-parties

Last updated: September 1, 2023


Service: Affinda provides AI-driven document processing and data extraction for our system.

Data Access: Affinda processes resumes and other text-based documents submitted by candidates to extract relevant information for our system. They do not retain personal data beyond the scope of processing.


Service: hCaptcha ensures the authenticity of users by distinguishing genuine users from bots.

Data Access: hCaptcha might receive and analyze user behavior, device information, and site activity during captcha challenges but doesn’t store personal user identities.


Service: Sentry assists in error tracking, helping to identify and fix technical issues within our platform.

Data Access: While Sentry captures application errors and logs, personal data of users is anonymized and not used for other purposes.


Service: Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts and manages the infrastructure of our application and website.

Data Access: AWS has access to all data stored in our system, but it employs strict security measures and doesn't use this data for any purpose other than storage and management.


Service: CloudConvert aids in file conversion, allowing various document formats to be standardized for our system.

Data Access: CloudConvert processes files uploaded by users and employers for conversion but does not retain these files beyond the scope of the provided service.


Service: OpenAI powers AI-driven features and natural language processing for our platform, such as suggestions.

Data Access: OpenAI may process text data to provide its AI-driven features but doesn’t store user-specific content after processing.


Service: Mezmo offers a streamlined log management platform to enhance our system’s operational performance.

Data Access: Mezmo processes and manages log data, routing relevant information to our teams for timely and efficient action. Personal data within these logs is used strictly for system optimization and is not shared or used for other purposes.


Service: Google facilitates calendar integration and email communication via Gmail in our application.

Data Access: Google accesses appointments for the purpose of creating, or modifying Google Calendar events and sending emails on behalf of our platform, always prioritizing user privacy and data protection.