About FirstWho

At FirstWho, we are obsessed with ensuring that organizations can hire people who will do well on the job.

To that end, we provide digital tools to manage the recruiting and hiring process, extensive learning resources, and consulting services to organizations that need an extra hand.

But how did we get here?

FirstWho's founders have more than 20 years of leadership experience, and we know a little secret: hiring great people is the easiest way to be a great manager at a great organization. Let that sink in. But realizing this doesn't make hiring great people any easier. It isn't because people aren't great—people are great—it's because complex jobs require complex competencies. Attracting and identifying candidates with the skills at the right level takes a lot of work, especially when every org is vying for the most capable talent.

Why is successful hiring so hard for companies? 

Glad you asked! We are the first to admit that many of the strategies we advocate for are not new and weren't invented here. However, what is new is how accessible we have made great hiring practices for companies of all sizes. Sorry, sales pitch there! The reason that many companies are hit-or-miss at hiring is typically some combination of unconscious bias, neglected preparation, or insufficient interviewer training. Any combination of these problems can result in well-suited candidates getting overlooked as hiring decisions favor candidates who will perform differently than hoped.

Together at last!

If you've read this far, welcome to FirstWho! We hope you enjoy and benefit from our website content. Whether your hiring is a mess or super efficient, and you want to optimize further, feel free to drop us a line at; we'd love to chat!